Educational center "Znaj Vse"

We will make your stay abroad comfortable
Advantages of Learning
By studying with us, you will:
Forget about borders
Be able to work abroad and travel while enjoying positive experiences
Take care of your child
Ensure your child's enrollment in kindergarten and school, setting an example for them
Overcome the language barrier
Guaranteed comfort in communicating with foreigners, with no fear of making new acquaintances or shopping in stores
Learn with comfort
Online classes at your convenience with the ability to review previous materials, always accessible
Enjoy the learning process
24/7 chat support, quality and fast homework checking
Improve your conversational skills
Expand your vocabulary and start speaking a foreign language fluently with native speakers
We offer several forms of learning
Courses for adults, teenagers, and children
English, German, Polish languages

★ for adults - 90 minutes
★ for children - 45 minutes
★ for teenagers - 60 minutes
Frequency of lessons - 2 times a week
English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, and Italian languages

★ for adults - 60 minutes
★ for children - 45 minutes
★ for teenagers - 60 minutes
Frequency of lessons - 2 times a week
English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, and Italian languages

★ for adults - 60 minutes
★ for children - 45 minutes
★ for teenagers - 60 minutes
Frequency of lessons - 1-3 times a week
Specialized Courses
For businessmen and lawyers
For medical and IT professionals

Preparation for SAT, ACT
Preparation for CAE, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL

Foreign languages for company employees planning to enter the international market, for business owners
School subjects for children in grades 1-11
Individual lessons
How do lessons work?
Each lesson is structured for comprehensive language learning

Topic Study

Theoretical material with all necessary explanations and examples from experts
Application of the learned material in practice (reading, speaking, and listening)
Each lesson begins with checking homework to reinforce the topic
Beneficial Offers
✓ Invite a friend and receive a double bonus for studying at our educational center, worth 150 UAH
Purchase a group or individual subscription for 24 lessons and get 6 conversation club sessions as a gift
✓ Purchase a group or individual subscription for 32 lessons and get a 5% discount plus 10 conversation club sessions as a gift
Study with your family (from two people) and receive a 5% discount on any subscription
Buy education for a team and receive guaranteed discounts (the price depends on the number of people)
Take advantage now and forget about language barriers!
You can start traveling to any country with comfort
Reviews from our Clients
  • Miroslava
    English Language

    Everything is good! The teacher explains everything very nicely, and I personally like everything! Thank you!!!

  • Yaroslava
    English Language

    Everything is great, I am satisfied. What I like the most in your school is the possibility to reschedule lessons, even several times in a row, because life is not stable, and there are not always conditions for a lesson. Thank you very much for that.

    Overall, I am currently abroad, and I have to communicate in English, and I already feel significant progress compared to a few months ago.

  • Alla
    English Language

    The lessons go smoothly. The teacher tries to pay attention to everyone, explains very clearly, and we manage to cover a lot of material. I try to do my homework, it's a bit challenging, but I already understand and can answer some questions. I am very pleased with the teacher. She teaches very well. Thank you for taking care of us.

  • Natalia
    Polish Language

    I am very satisfied with the group and the teacher - she explains the material well, and it's great that there is a video of each lesson to review the material. I would recommend your school to acquaintances for language learning. I rate you 10/10.

    As for my results, I'm starting to read and answer the teacher's questions without fear.

Questions and Answers
Do you have any questions? Here are answers to most of them
If you are waiting for the best time to learn a new language, it's now!
Learning foreign languages enhances brain function. People who speak more than 2 languages have good memory and feel more confident.
Open your mind to new experiences!

We don't just teach the theory of foreign languages; we provide everything you need for fluent use. With us, complex rules become obvious

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